Move in Silence

    The smartest people are the ones who move in silence. Regardless if they make mistakes or have success in something they move in silence.  They share when they have completed whatever endeavor they set out to do. Their mistakes they keep to themselves because quite frankly its none of our business. Maybe tell your therapist or close friend or dairy. We all have that one friend or family member who says what they are gonna do but never do. The friend who makes the same mistake and says they are gonna take time away and get better. They spend so much time telling us that they forget to actually do the action.

 I believe we all have some narcissism in us. This isnt some ego vs true self mess I think some right hand people got it all wrong. Ego and true self is both needed in my opinion but I consider myself left hand path and bad bitch so that’s me. But back to the point which is some people have perfectionism and narcissism mix together where they always telling us what they wanna do or telling us about what we should do as humans  aka right hand path people and them never actually doing shit they say they was or doing the shit they say we should do.  They will say ” get rid of your ego”  yet they forget themselves to do that what they told us. I find it quite funny and I am not Jennifer Lopez.

The fact is fucking do what you say you gonna do and maybe not fucking tell us and just do it. Left hand path people we just fucking do and we aren’t telling people what they need to do cause we are busy doing shit. I feel some right hand path people can be to much of perfectionist , narcissistic, and the egotistical they tell us not be. Those things help shape us and you damn right imma use them if need be to get what I want.


The moral of the story kids is move in silence. Love in silence. Cry in silence. Grow in silence. Its a skill knowing when to share certain things and who to share it with. Its times when you need share deep heart to heart things. Its times when you need to talk to trusted person when you feel like giving up. Its times when you need get therapist. The thing is to learn when those time are and who to share it with. Its like the fable the boy who cried wolf.  The thing is you have one chance to give a perception to you to people. The reality is your first impressions of you can and will last you a lifetime.

Always put your best foot first. And my god please please move in silence. It ain’t nothing i hate more is someone who tells us “Oh I am about to do this” and they never do it. They make themselves a laughing stock and wonder why people talk bout them. At this point they aren’t haters. My definition of haters is when you actually do shit and they hate. Haters are when you  move in silence and they hate. They hate cause they never know what you are doing but they know you are doing something. But they hate cause you never tell them what you plan to do therefore they cant mess with your manifestation.

My churchy grandma always says I shouldn’t be so secretive because she believes you are just as sick as your secrets. Sometimes you have advantage when people have no knowledge of your secrets, dreams, fears, mistakes, and etc. I mean that’s when people have to just start making rumors up cause they cant use anything against you but a rumor. I am a valuable woman and everyone doesn’t deserve to know my every move, my fears, my secrets, my failures and you name it. If you know something your valuable but if i go telling everyone then no one who knows is valuable because everyone knows.

If your a person who always say what you gonna do and never do it its like the fable the boy who cried wolf people gonna laugh at you and your gonna be known as person who never does shit and they gonna talk about you and i dont blame it its fucking ludicrous.  No one not gonna tell you cause people like you cant take the truth so instead they laugh at you.

The thing is when you share to much you have a chance of people wishing bad on you.  You have chance needing people approval to start something.  People who move in silence don’t need approval to start something. They don’t need advice. They just start and they finish and then they will tell everyone what they did. Baby, its big difference of telling people what you did which is past tense and telling people what you gonna do  which is future tense.

First, people will start take you serious and will have good things to say and when you say you gonna do things they will believe you because you have track record of doing things even without telling folks. And most of all when you don’t tell people you have a chance of your dreams coming true.

As left hand person i feel its spiritual reason why you shouldn’t tell so much.  They say thief will come into the night but the truth is you let the thief in to take away your joy and your dreams. The more they more they more they can do things against you.

Right hand path people are to naive about shit I swear.  Honestly you never know people full intentions only themselves know.  Its best to keep a lot shit to yourself because it makes you major player in life. We all wanna win. They say you should know more about other people then they know about you just saying.


Lastly, it shows you have no confidence in yourself, your goals, your ambitions whatever you wanna call it. It shows people you need validation in your goals. People who don’t need validation just do what they fuck they wanna do and they might not even tell people what they did because they don’t need validation. Now its one thing to do something and want people to see your accomplishments and that is fine. When you seek validation you will go so many directions instead of going the direction to make your goal a reality. People will put their morals and judgement on your goal and ambition. They will make you question what you can do, your goal, and will hurt your self esteem. Confidence, self esteem, self worth is like a muscle if you work out you get stronger. But if you stop working out it will go back to where it was. You have to always be on your toes doing something. The more you realize you are the boss you will act like the boss. Bosses dont fucking ask they demand and show. The only time you should tell people what your doing is your employees.  Friend and family arent your employees they dont need to know your every move. Employees are the ones who need feel needed and included when it comes to business and growing your brand and business and you keep it professional.


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Finding your purpose: Look Within

What is my purpose?

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What is my purpose? What is it that I wanna do? What is that gives me joy? What can I do help my people in need?

Its the “what” and “why” questions we need to ask ourselves as black women. We need to really be in tuned to our higher selves so when we ask ourselves these questions we can be grounded and answer these questions.


Then we need ask ourselves “How” questions. How can I get people to see my purpose? How can I network with people? How can I make my purpose to come to life? Will people be included in my purpose? Will I be a loner in my purpose? It is years where you need to ask yourself Why, When, How?. It is years when you need to say yes and years where you need to say No!.


            It is years you should be selfish and years you should be selfless. It is years where you should be humble and years you should be egotistical. There are years where you get answers to your When, Why, and How questions. It is years when you need to be silent and keep your eyes open. The thing is your eyes can be open but that doesn’t mean you are looking at the details of life and what makes up life and success. Its many people eyes that are physically open but they see nothing because they seek nothing. When you seek something you will always keep your eyes open and you will clear vision.


“You are the the I am, the alpha and the Omega. Everything comes to and through you. You are  not bossy you are the boss. ” Katsumi Moretti


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When you are the boss you just  give a fuck about opinions. The fact is opinions are not fact. Its your purpose and you are the boss of your life. If its not making you money you cannot comprehend what they think and feel about you. You emotionally depend on you and not others. The fact remains you aren’t for everyone nor are you trying to be” Katsumi Moretti


When you peace be still you can listen for wisdom and discernment. We always ask the universe so many questions but vary rarely we have our eyes open to see all the little signs the universe sends us. I have finally opened my eyes and actually open my heart to listen to the messages that the universe has for me. Sometimes you will hear it from a friend, random stranger, co worker, child, a man you like and so many ways. Even with numbers the universe and your ancestors speak to you. Numerology is something that will help you. You will say numbers let say 4:44 and you just keep seeing them you need your 3rd eye open so you can be open to receive the things you cant see with your physical eyes. I find it really important for our spiritual eye to be open to receive and decipher.


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Katsumi Moretti




Why Black Jezebel?

Why the need you ask?

Black millennial women need our safe spaces. They said ” You know its hard out here for a pimp” I think its harder out here for a young ambitious millennial woman.  So many of us is in these vortex of anti blackness, sexism, fat phobia, trans-phobia, class-ism, deep trauma and whirl wind of many other things. Some of us are starting business, some of us are first time moms, some of us is getting degrees but what I can say about all of us is we are struggling to fit in society that doesn’t love young ambitious, smart, sexually liberated, talented, highly spiritual and women who are the jack of all trade type of women. Since society refuses black women to  the table like our Sister Solange sung about in her album then black women will motherfucking create our own motherfucking table. At this table you will have a spot at the table because you my dear are a Goddess, Brown Sugar, Magical, Free Spirited and Free. In my Jay Z Voice ” Around here we dont beg”