Black women listen hoes do get married

What I need black Women to know even if you are a hoe someone will marry you. All that virginity and hoe shit man made. Okay. Your not less pure if you fucked 50 men. The same men who call women hoes done fucked zoo of women but no one calls him unpure.

Have standards and know even if you are hoe on men standards someone will love and marry you. I talked to many men and most don’t want Virgin type women. They want the hoe who been around who knows how to do the shit right in bedroom. Men always contradict themselves. Melania was a hoe.

I’m sure she sold Russian pussy them Russian girls do that I’m not knocking them. My great grandma taught me if you got a pussy you should never be broke! Now Melania gave Trump a nut 🥜 stronger then North Korean missles.

He married the hoe. I don’t use use to shame but to make a point. Should she be shame for her photos or hoe activities no paid or not ain’t no nigga die from nut. But they died from crack overdose or some shit.

Will my black sex postive feminist ass protect that hoe? No!. Kanye Married Kim. Stop 🛑 listening to these black men who say you have no value cause they love calling women hoes cause they lack self esteem. Hoes get paid. Bitches get shit done. Them same niggas stay broke , don’t get nothing done, they hairline none existent cause they bullshit they talk. Have standards and if you gonna be hoe I say be happy safe hoe.

You good girls y’all not better. Men are sexist and you are in same boat stop thinking if I other myself men will like me it’s not working y’all should stop. Moral story Melania was hoe and had standards and is in the White House. Drops the mic 🎤.

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Move in Silence

    The smartest people are the ones who move in silence. Regardless if they make mistakes or have success in something they move in silence.  They share when they have completed whatever endeavor they set out to do. Their mistakes they keep to themselves because quite frankly its none of our business. Maybe tell your therapist or close friend or dairy. We all have that one friend or family member who says what they are gonna do but never do. The friend who makes the same mistake and says they are gonna take time away and get better. They spend so much time telling us that they forget to actually do the action.

 I believe we all have some narcissism in us. This isnt some ego vs true self mess I think some right hand people got it all wrong. Ego and true self is both needed in my opinion but I consider myself left hand path and bad bitch so that’s me. But back to the point which is some people have perfectionism and narcissism mix together where they always telling us what they wanna do or telling us about what we should do as humans  aka right hand path people and them never actually doing shit they say they was or doing the shit they say we should do.  They will say ” get rid of your ego”  yet they forget themselves to do that what they told us. I find it quite funny and I am not Jennifer Lopez.

The fact is fucking do what you say you gonna do and maybe not fucking tell us and just do it. Left hand path people we just fucking do and we aren’t telling people what they need to do cause we are busy doing shit. I feel some right hand path people can be to much of perfectionist , narcissistic, and the egotistical they tell us not be. Those things help shape us and you damn right imma use them if need be to get what I want.


The moral of the story kids is move in silence. Love in silence. Cry in silence. Grow in silence. Its a skill knowing when to share certain things and who to share it with. Its times when you need share deep heart to heart things. Its times when you need to talk to trusted person when you feel like giving up. Its times when you need get therapist. The thing is to learn when those time are and who to share it with. Its like the fable the boy who cried wolf.  The thing is you have one chance to give a perception to you to people. The reality is your first impressions of you can and will last you a lifetime.

Always put your best foot first. And my god please please move in silence. It ain’t nothing i hate more is someone who tells us “Oh I am about to do this” and they never do it. They make themselves a laughing stock and wonder why people talk bout them. At this point they aren’t haters. My definition of haters is when you actually do shit and they hate. Haters are when you  move in silence and they hate. They hate cause they never know what you are doing but they know you are doing something. But they hate cause you never tell them what you plan to do therefore they cant mess with your manifestation.

My churchy grandma always says I shouldn’t be so secretive because she believes you are just as sick as your secrets. Sometimes you have advantage when people have no knowledge of your secrets, dreams, fears, mistakes, and etc. I mean that’s when people have to just start making rumors up cause they cant use anything against you but a rumor. I am a valuable woman and everyone doesn’t deserve to know my every move, my fears, my secrets, my failures and you name it. If you know something your valuable but if i go telling everyone then no one who knows is valuable because everyone knows.

If your a person who always say what you gonna do and never do it its like the fable the boy who cried wolf people gonna laugh at you and your gonna be known as person who never does shit and they gonna talk about you and i dont blame it its fucking ludicrous.  No one not gonna tell you cause people like you cant take the truth so instead they laugh at you.

The thing is when you share to much you have a chance of people wishing bad on you.  You have chance needing people approval to start something.  People who move in silence don’t need approval to start something. They don’t need advice. They just start and they finish and then they will tell everyone what they did. Baby, its big difference of telling people what you did which is past tense and telling people what you gonna do  which is future tense.

First, people will start take you serious and will have good things to say and when you say you gonna do things they will believe you because you have track record of doing things even without telling folks. And most of all when you don’t tell people you have a chance of your dreams coming true.

As left hand person i feel its spiritual reason why you shouldn’t tell so much.  They say thief will come into the night but the truth is you let the thief in to take away your joy and your dreams. The more they more they more they can do things against you.

Right hand path people are to naive about shit I swear.  Honestly you never know people full intentions only themselves know.  Its best to keep a lot shit to yourself because it makes you major player in life. We all wanna win. They say you should know more about other people then they know about you just saying.


Lastly, it shows you have no confidence in yourself, your goals, your ambitions whatever you wanna call it. It shows people you need validation in your goals. People who don’t need validation just do what they fuck they wanna do and they might not even tell people what they did because they don’t need validation. Now its one thing to do something and want people to see your accomplishments and that is fine. When you seek validation you will go so many directions instead of going the direction to make your goal a reality. People will put their morals and judgement on your goal and ambition. They will make you question what you can do, your goal, and will hurt your self esteem. Confidence, self esteem, self worth is like a muscle if you work out you get stronger. But if you stop working out it will go back to where it was. You have to always be on your toes doing something. The more you realize you are the boss you will act like the boss. Bosses dont fucking ask they demand and show. The only time you should tell people what your doing is your employees.  Friend and family arent your employees they dont need to know your every move. Employees are the ones who need feel needed and included when it comes to business and growing your brand and business and you keep it professional.


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Even black women can be enemies

Rebranding this. A lot I need to do and think about. I’m happy to be at place I’m focusing on me. My higher self is right about me not giving time to my entrepreneurs, health, and spirituality goals. We all struggle with this. But I must do better. Procrastination is a sign of fear rather we know it or not

I was gonna say ” I am really awful” But then I thought ” I am not awful I am creative, smart, strategic, and know how use resources. What I am is scared, procrastinator, yet egotistical, and lack work ethic. Yes, I have so many ideas. What can I say ? I am a air sign. But what I lack is work ethic like Beyoncé Queen Virgo. I lack stability, being grounded, schedule and work ethic. My Libra nature is ” I just do what I feel”. In business from being entertainer to book writers to restaurant owner you can’t say ” I just don’t feel like it today” . Nope ! No off days in being business woman.

I often get anxiety because as black woman everyone wants you to fail. When you succeed it’s some grand story. When whites succeed it’s just another day. When you succeed you know its many women who wanted this as black woman. But here you are you succeeded. We know it’s Russian roulette because all will try few will succeed. It’s the system.

I will never blame black women for having to use tactics and things maybe we shouldn’t do but when your in poverty you will do things so barbaric to get to the top as a black woman. We must not blame them but blame the system including black men. I honestly don’t believe in sisterhood. I been on both sides. Until Poverty is abolish and sexism black Woman sisterhood will not be a thing.

But this is my perception as black woman. One day I may be the bad guy. One day you might be the bad guy. Should we do it? No. Y’all say black men shouldn’t sell drugs but sympathize why they had to do it. I’m doing same for black women. Black Women will be toxic to each other until sexism and poverty. I am realist. I do whatever I gotta do for me and mine. Friends come second. It’s dog eat dog world unless your housewife.

But if your business women ain’t no such thing as loyalty and sisterhood cash rules everything like Wu Tang said in C.R.E.A.M. It’s every hoe for themselves when you a business woman. If your not one or not trying secure the bag this post ain’t for you. This don’t mean you sell pussy. But if you do your not less than. But know another bitch always trying to take your spot. Life is a game and you must be honest to yourself about human nature. I never expect the best because humans aren’t naturally Gods. We are on our way to being Gods and Goddesses. And if your not in to win people will checkmate so you must be stay ahead of a bitch. If you associate with another one know it’s not friendship it’s what we can do for each other. We call it network. But we over step boundaries and not realize the art of war. So you better read that the book the Art of War. I am regrouping myself and had to cut people off. It was for me and not them. It doesn’t mean they are good or bad. Doesn’t mean they did me wrong or not. It means I had to be selfish and regroup and realize I need to reconsider stuff and people and myself.

So I will be reconsidering what my brand be based on and who will it be for. Race base stuff just tired on your soul and business.


Stay gone like a ghost

When you or people leave you I believe both parties need stay in the past like a ghost. You left me for a reason so stay gone. If I left you nothing gonna change my feelings. This person messaged me on one of my post and it annoyed it me. You have something to nice to say yet you say you might never message me and that your from my past. It’s bullshit if you ask me.

I am learning create boundaries. I am learning to speak my mind so many times I let shit go. But I’m like Cardi when I started to speak my mind people started to love me for me. The past should be remembered but not visited. I had ex friends and lovers come back and my intuition gut told me keep they asses away from me. My gut was screaming they left or you left so they need stay there. You a bad bitch they can stay in the past. 5’5 Libra always ready for war my sister sign to Libra is Aries and I be ready. Cardi Libra ass was right we feel some type of way it’s gonna be forever. So if I leave I’m gone forever and if you left be gone forever. When you keep going back the universe will be confused you keep going back to your past. So always move forward cause whatever left will not comeback but something better will replace them. I am not fearful and I’m learning to not love with attachment. A lot of shit is subjective to us. One person say I’m good and another says I’m bad. The thing is I know who I am and that is all that matters.

I’m saying all this cause I have borderline personality. Now I’m gonna wonder who messaged me. I’m gonna be annoyed for days why they do this. I’m gonna be annoyed cause if your person from my past and have whatever feelings for me then stay away. Spy from afar and keep it like that. Look we all try see what people from past what we are doing. We are humans won’t fault anyone. But it’s when you say something but in same breath shade me.

I had to calm down cause my witch ass is dark worker and felt the person was wrong cause this was uncalled for. I learned if I left a person it’s selfish for me to message them on social media and etc. I still don’t like them but let me comment on a post. Yeah I never talk to them again but let me cause them a mental issue. I think I know who commented on my post. I’m sure it’s someone from my ambw past. My intuition told me who did it. But I’m gonna let it go cause come at me I’m getting them hitters. I’m Libra we don’t lie or front. We ready to fight and etc. What you see you get. If we don’t like you best believe you gonna know. But it’s childish to do what this person did. It makes my witch ass do some stuff so you never do that to person again. But my higher self said chill cause my ancestors don’t play and bitches and niggas are silly. You always get the last laugh don’t even gotta do much. Block and delete and always listen to your intuition. So if you leave someone do them favor to leave them alone and vice versa.

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