Why Black Jezebel?

Why the need you ask?

Black millennial women need our safe spaces. They said ” You know its hard out here for a pimp” I think its harder out here for a young ambitious millennial woman.  So many of us is in these vortex of anti blackness, sexism, fat phobia, trans-phobia, class-ism, deep trauma and whirl wind of many other things. Some of us are starting business, some of us are first time moms, some of us is getting degrees but what I can say about all of us is we are struggling to fit in society that doesn’t love young ambitious, smart, sexually liberated, talented, highly spiritual and women who are the jack of all trade type of women. Since society refuses black women to  the table like our Sister Solange sung about in her album then black women will motherfucking create our own motherfucking table. At this table you will have a spot at the table because you my dear are a Goddess, Brown Sugar, Magical, Free Spirited and Free. In my Jay Z Voice ” Around here we dont beg”


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